The basics about Urinary Incontinence

  • Also known as involuntary loss of urine or urinary incontinence
  • Can affect men and women of any age, however older age groups are particularly susceptible
  • Along with dementia and faecal incontinence one of the three most common ailments affecting over-65’s
  • Elderly people who are physically inactive run a higher risk of developing incontinence.
  • In men often a result of surgical removal of the prostate


Light on the horizon!

Systems such as ATOMS for the treatment of urinary incontinence are implanted in many thousands of patients each year, and enable sufferers to resume a relatively normal life in their habitual environment. The ATOMS implant is suitable for all grades of incontinence and allows you to take an active part in life again. Unlike other systems currently available, ATOMS can be adjusted without further surgery and needs no manual operation of mechanical parts (e.g. pumps) by the patient.  Once the system has been customised by your doctor to suit your individual level of activity, all you need do is let the ATOMS implant do its job!


A patient’s guide to causes and treatment of urinary incontinence