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  • Uterosacral neo-ligaments
  • A minimum of foreign body; the most natural repair
  • Broad spectrum of indications
  • Medial sacrospinous fixation with the i-Stitch – a proven technique
  • BSC Mesh: minimally-invasive, maximally effective

The Bilateral Sacrospinous Colposuspension

The logical development of the Amreich-Richter operation through bilateral fixation from the sacrospinous ligament

Uterosacral neo-ligaments

The BSC Mesh (BSC = Bilateral Sacrospinous Colposuspension) is designed to induce the formation of neo-ligaments by establishing symmetrical, bilateral suspension of the vaginal vault from the sacrospinous ligament. It recreates the support previously provided by the natural ligaments which are no longer functioning.

A minimum of foreign body; the most natural repair

The BSC Mesh is made of special, ultralight polypropylene with a hexagonal mesh structure which lends the material its isoelasticity. A very low weight of just 21 g/m² and very high porosity (93%) lead to rapid anatomical integration with minimal tissue reaction. Together, these properties serve to promote ingrowth of the mesh, which then provides an elastic form of suspension for the uterine cervix or the vagina from the sacrospinous ligament. This allows the cervix to reassume its physiological, anatomical position.
The surface area of material surrounding the vaginal wall is extremely small: just 3 cm² of the isoelastic mesh implant has direct contact with the vagina. It is placed in such a way, that the mesh is not positioned under the vaginal incision, but in a more proximal direction. This prevents problems with wound healing and minimises the risk of erosion.

Broad spectrum of indications

A considerable advantage of the BSC Mesh is that it is effective in many different situations, and can be combined with other reconstructive procedures:
– With / without / after hysterectomy
– With / without / after anterior / posterior colporrhaphy
– With / without / after suburethral or transobturator sling placement

Medical sacrospinous fixation with the i-Stitch – a proven technique

The i-Stitch instrument from A.M.I. is a tried and tested method for fixation of mesh implants, or for sacrospinous fixation (Amreich-Richter). The i-Stitch facilitates the attachment of sutures to structures that are difficult to reach without extensive dissection e.g. the medio-cranial aspect of the sacrospinous ligament.

BSC Mesh: minimally-invasive, maximally effective

With a vaginal dissection of just the width of the surgeon’s finger, minimal wound surface area, little foreign body and shorter procedure time, the BSC Mesh can be considered a particularly minimally-invasive form of correction for pelvic organ prolapse. The BSC Mesh combines a maximum of efficacy and anatomical consideration with a maximum of patient comfort and quality of life.

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Mesh with non-absorbable i-Stitch Loading Units for bilateral, apical suspension to correct pelvic organ prolapse

1 x Mesh
2 x i-Stitch Loading Unit PP 0

Mesh of ultralight weight polypropylene
Suture material:
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1 box, all items delivered sterile
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