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  • Mesh body and distal extensions are made of ultralight, bio-compatible material
  • Innovative construction with no glue or sutures
  • Curved indentation should ensure an optimal fit around the rectum
  • Distal mesh extensions can be adjusted in length to suit each individual patient’s anatomy

Comprehensive 3-Level Repair

Together with the i-Stitch, an innovative instrument designed to facilitate safe, quick attachment of sutures in hard-to-reach areas, the Consensus mesh provides comprehensive support for a range of defects.  One mesh and the i-Stitch may be used to repair cystocele or rectocele, while two meshes plus the instrument allow a full reconstruction.

Apical support is achieved by using the i-Stitch to place non-absorbable sutures into the sacrospinous ligament, as medial and high up as possible on either side of the ischial spine.  By means of these sutures, the specially-formed mesh – with its curved indentation allowing space for the rectum – is attached directly to the ligament.  In addition, sutures are also used to secure the mesh to the vaginal apex.  This fixation of the mesh to the sacrospinous ligament provides the necessary support for the vagina, thereby replacing the function of the uterosacral ligament.

Lateral support is provided by the two proximal sling arms. These separate apical and lateral attachments enable true restoration of the anatomy with normal vaginal length and shape. This in turn increases the effectiveness of other procedures to remove laxity or cure intussusception.

Level 3 support is achieved by creating distal extensions from the mesh body, which are positioned around the bladder neck (anterior) or through the perineum (posterior). The length of these extensions can be adjusted as necessary.

The mesh is designed for use with the versatile range of A.M.I. tunnellers, which allow placement in either direction.

The combination of the i-stitch with one or two Consensus meshes allows the surgeon complete flexibility to customise treatment to suit all patient shapes and configurations.

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A.M.I. CR-Mesh Consensus
For treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
Shaped mesh of ultralight, wide-weave
polypropylene with curved indentation for
the rectum and integrated sling

1 implant

Delivered sterile

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