Choose the RIGHT solutions for your patients suffering from
pelvic floor disorders or stress urinary incontinence.

A.M.I. can offer you an impressive product portfolio in:

  • A range of solutions to treat different types of pelvic organ prolapse
  • A range of slings for treatment of stress urinary incontinence

Choose solutions that offer patient comfort, patient satisfaction and patient safety.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

EndoGYNious / PelviGYNious:

Abdominal access (laparoscopic or open) for treatment of POP

BSC Mesh:

The Bilateral Sacrospinous Colposuspension
Apical support in female organ prolapse
Minimally-invasive An ultra-lightweight mesh (21 g/m²)


Treatment of cystocele or rectocele with ultralight implant
6-point fixation


Minimally-invasive way of placing sutures in the pelvic floor
Used for traditional sacrospinous fixation or in combination with implants

Female Incontinence

Treatment of stress urinary incontinence


New concept of passively articulating joints
Trans-obturator or retropubic
Inside-out or outside-in

Multi Purpose Sling:

Conventional sling with maximum flexibility for the surgeon
Trans-obturator or retropubic
Inside-out or outside-in

A.M.I. Slings TOA / TVA:

Post-operative adjustable
Low elasticity monofilament polypropylene sling
10 years data (TOA sling)

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