Light on InGYNious! The 2nd A.M.I. TVM Online Conference on “Treatment of POP – InGYNious, BSC Mesh and i-Stitch” focused specifically on the proper use of the InGYNious transvaginal mesh.

At the beginning of the training, Dr. Achim Niesel gave a general overview of the different vaginal surgical methods, current discussions, regulations, and the scientific publications of transvaginal meshes.

Paying particular attention to the implantation of InGYNious Dr. Francesco Deltetto then shared his expertise in the indication, selection and application of transvaginal meshes. Using a video, Dr. Deltetto documented the individual surgical steps, pointed out possible pitfalls and gave tips on how to avoid them.

At the end, the two presenters answered questions from the international audience. The participants were particularly interested in the perspectives of the experienced colleagues on the topics of education and training, application and alternatives for certain diseases, and tips for implantation.

“Thank you very much Dr. Niesel and Dr. Deltetto! With your interesting presentation, you have inspired participants from all over the world. We are pleased that the TVM training program is accepted internationally and that the 2nd TVM Online Conference also met expectations,” says Nadja Seeger, A.M.I. Product Manager Urogynecology, after the training.

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