First week of A.M.I.’s Education Program 2022 started off by welcoming the A.M.I. Sales Team from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The Sales Team came together with A.M.I.’s Product Management Team for a comprehensive training. The agenda points included: refreshing product knowledge in all core competencies with hands-on practices, tune-up sales training with tips and tricks, and exchanging personal experiences.

A.M.I. Product Management Team members Nadja Seeger and Manuel Konzett said, “Educating team members online is of course a great tool to have and can be very beneficial, but being able to come together in person gives a great feeling of belonging to a team. We can exchange ideas and feedback on a personal and extensive level which results to a very rewarding learning experience for all.”

Thank you to all the A.M.I. team members who participated in this kick-start education week! In the following education weeks, we are excited to be able to welcome our international partners and we are looking forward to it!