It was once again our honour to welcome experts from the German-speaking countries to the annual A.M.I. Urogynaecology Expert Meeting. As every year, Dr. Christian Fünfgeld, Head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics in the Clinic Tettnang, Germany, moderated the meeting. The experts never fail to bring new and constructive information to the table, which always leads to productive and valuable discussions. Just a few of various topics included, guiding principles in treating different urogynecological diseases, indication and treatment methods for endometriosis, updated scientific evidence and much more.

It is always our pleasure to welcome the experts who have been attending since the beginning and the newcomers. We are very grateful for this close cooperation and that we all can reach one common goal, improving patients’ lives, together.

Thank you to everyone who attended and we cannot wait to welcome you in 2024!