In the first A.M.I. Urology Weblive on “Treatment of male incontinence with ATOMS” Dr. Fabian Queißert explored the question of which treatment methods can be considered for male stress urinary incontinence. This was an intensive workshop with live surgery and theory.

The participants received information on the treatment of male stress incontinence as well as tips on the correct indication and patient selection. In the course of two live surgeries, the most important surgical steps for a perfect result were clearly demonstrated.

Dr. Queißert placed special attention on the set up in the operating theatre and the implantation method for ATOMS, a hydraulic sphincter substitute system in which the pressure can be adjusted post-operatively. During and after the surgeries, Dr. Queißert was highly engaged with the participants by answering numerous questions.

Over 40 urologists from all over the world were enthusiastic about the new A.M.I. live training concept.

“The excitement was no surprise, because Dr. Fabian Queißert, a renowned urologist, gave a glimpse into his operating room and let colleagues share his wealth of experience!”, Philipp Steinert, Head of Product Management at the A.M.I. Agency for Medical Innovations, was pleased with the positive feedback. “The enthused interest was not only shown by the high number of international participants, but especially by the many questions during the workshop. A big thank you to Dr. Queißert and his team for the excellent preparation and especially for the opportunity to conduct this very special training format,” Philipp Steinert continued.

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