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A.M.I. Agency for Medical Innovations invites you to learn more about the excellent InGYNious study results from Prof.  Antonella Giannantoni et al., which will be presented at EAU Virtual Congress 2021.

In a multicentre, retrospective analysis, 438 patients underwent POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) repair with an InGYNious transvaginal mesh (3-level support). The results (mean follow-up 22 +/- 8.4 month) show an anatomical success of 77.6% in the anterior compartment, 81.5% in the apical compartment and 72.2% in the posterior compartment. The authors reported, that the subjective outcome was excellent with very low rates of mesh-related problems.

Prof. Dr. Giannantoni is a well-known Urologist at the Siena University Hospital and Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Perugia, Italy. Together with Dr. Deltetto, Dr. Azzena and other Italian experts, she led the study “Efficacy and safety of an ultralight, six-point, polypropylene vaginal mesh in the treatment of urogenital prolapse”. The abstract, including a 5 min presentation from Prof. Dr. Giannantoni, is available on the EAU21 Congress Platform starting on July 1, 2021.

InGYNious is a six-point fixation mesh which allows effective repair of various pelvic floor defects through a transvaginal, single-incision to enable a total pelvic floor reconstruction. The ultralight (21g/m²), wide-pore, hexagonal and macroporous mesh is used for the treatment of anterior, posterior and apical compartment.

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