Left to right:
Dr. Jonas Schnider, A.M.I. GmbH Managing Director & Ole Joergen Robsrud, Medistim Norge AS Managing Director

We are very proud to announce a new partnership with Medistim Norge AS in Norway.
Medistim Norge AS has been an established provider for Norwegian health institutions since 1984 representing reputed brands in various fields. Collaborating with A.M.I., they have now extended their product portfolio in Coloproctology, Urogynecology and Urology. They will be able to provide many solutions for patients suffering from incontinence, hemorrhoids, pelvic organ prolapse and more.

“Partnering up with Medistim Norge AS, we are able to reach more Norwegian healthcare providers and their patients. With Medistim already having a leading position, we are confident that we will make a major impact in Norway.,” said Dr. Jonas Schnider, A.M.I. Managing Director.

“We are thrilled that we can extend our product portfolio in the fields of Coloproctology, Urology, and Urogynecology with A.M.I.’s innovations. This gives Medistim a great opportunity to offer even better service and intensify our cooperation with all of our highly valued users in Norway,” said Ole Joergen Robsrud, Medistim Norge AS Managing Director

We are looking forward to a very prosperous future with Medistim!