Project Description

The simple way to remove eroded gastric bands

  • No laparotomy necessary
  • Minimally-invasive
  • Cost-effective solution

Gastric banding is a common form of treatment for morbid obesity. However, studies have shown that anywhere between 2% and 9% of the implanted bands eventually migrate into the stomach and require subsequent explantation. The A.M.I. Gastric Band Cutter is a cost-efficient solution designed to enable the fast, easy removal of such bands via gastroscope. This minimally-invasive technique requires no incisions or stomach dissection, thereby limiting the formation of more adhesions which may hamper further surgery. Use of the A.M.I. Gastric Band Cutter System has been proven both safe and effective1, and represents an attractive alternative to open or laparoscopic removal.

1 Gastric Band Erosion in 63 Cases: Endoscopic Removal and Rebanding Evaluated Chisolm et al., Obes Surg. 2011 Nov;21(11):1676-81

Order Code Product Technical Details

GBC 360

A.M.I. Aigner Gastric Band Cutter

The system consists of:

  • A.M.I. Aigner Gastric Band Cutter (Handle and Toggle)
  • A.M.I. Toggle Holder
  • A.M.I. Flexibel Wire Guide
  • A.M.I. Aigner Gastric Band Cutting Wires DLU (box of 3)
Fully detachable
All components stainless
delivered non-sterile

GBC 363

A.M.I. Flexible Wire Guide

Flexible wire guide for inserting the cutting wires, for use with the AM.I. Aigner Gastric Band Cutter GBC 360

Stainless steel

1 unit, delivered non-sterile

GBC 364


A.M.I. Aigner Gastric Band Cutting Wires DLU

Single-use only
For use with the A.M.I. Aigner Gastric Band Cutter GBC 360


Stainless steel

1 box of 3 wires
delivered non-sterile

GBC 365

A.M.I. Toggle Holder

Safety spring for the A.M.I. Aigner Gastric Band Cutter GBC 360

Stainless steel

1 unit, delivered non-sterile

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