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  • A.M.I. TissueBag Premium

A.M.I. TissueBags

The extremely tear-resistant polyurethane bag

  • is covered by a polypropylene protection sleeve for insertion and fits through any 10 mm trocar
  • is equipped with a metal ring which opens automatically once fully inserted in the abdomen
  • remains open automatically until filling is completed, and
  • has a tapered design which ensures lengthwise compression of specimen for easier removal.

A.M.I. TissueBag

A.M.I.‘s extraction bags are fully-disposable instruments for removing specimen (e.g. appendix, gallbladders, ovaries, etc.) during minimally-invasive surgical procedures. Special design features facilitate insertion into the abdominal cavity, as well as allowing easy, safe tissue retrieval.

A particularly durable and easy-to-use extraction bag, which is removed from the abdominal cavity immediately after filling.

A.M.I. TissueBag Premium

With this superior-quality, easy-to-handle extraction bag, you have the choice. Once filled with specimen, the bag can either be taken out immediately or left in the abdomen during the operation for later removal.


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A.M.I. TissueBag Premium

For immediate removal of specimen, or for removal on completion of surgery.

The bag may be left in the abdomen during the procedure.

Bag diameter: 70 mm
Max. filling volume:
210 ml
Instrument length:
515 mm10 instruments / box,
delivered sterile