More than just tough and tear-resistant.

  • Designed for use through a 5 mm trocar
  • Opens automatically in the abdomen
  • Can be set aside for removal on completion

Over the last three decades, the progressive miniaturisation of laparoscopic surgery has brought many advantages for patients. With the introduction of laparoscopy, two of the surgeons’ main aims were to accelerate the post-operative recovery and reduce the rate of incisional hernias and wound infections.

This trend towards miniaturisation continues today. The most recent developments are SILS and hybrid NOTES, two new techniques intended to supplement conventional laparopscopy which are both enjoying increasing popularity. In keeping with this trend, A.M.I. has now created the world’s very first 5 mm retrieval bag featuring patent-pending technology.

The A.M.I. TissueBag Premium 5 mm is not only intended for a miniaturisation of general laparoscopy, by enabling access via smaller ports. This unique bag may benefit small children requiring surgery, and will become an indispensable instrument for surgeons practising the new SILS and hybrid NOTES techniques.

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A.M.I. TissueBag Premium 5mm

Disposable instrument for immediate removal of speciman, or for removal on completion of surgery. The bag may be left in the abdomen during the procedure.

For use with 5 mm trocarsMaximum fill volume: 100ml

10 bags/box, delivered sterile