Project Description

A.M.I.® TVA TOA Slings – Customized treatment for female SUI:

  • Soft, but firm macroporous sling
  • With integrated sutures for two-way tension adjustment

Sling benefits

  • A.M.I. TVA TOA Slings can successfully cure urinary incontinence in more than 90% of patients (in long-term FU up to 5 years).
  • Low rates of erosion (<3% in long-term FU up to 5 years).
  • Very high rates in patient satisfaction (>85% in up to 2y. FU, >77% in 10y. long-term FU).
  • Soft, but low-elastic monofilament polypropylene mesh which is firm enough lengthwise.
  • Large-sized pores.
  • PE sleeve covering the mesh to facilitate less traumatic placement.

Adjustability – the added extra

There is a delicate balance between incontinence, continence and obstruction, and calculating the required degree of tension presents a challenge to even the most experienced surgeon. The A.M.I. TOA (Trans Obturator Adjustable) and TVA (Trans Vaginal Adjustable) Slings are equipped with two groups of integrated sutures, which are left outside the skin following surgery and enable optimal fine-tuning of tension up to five days post-operatively, with active participation from the patient. One group of sutures can be pulled down to reduce tension if there are signs of urinary retention, while the other can be pulled up to increase tension if incontinence persists. Once the appropriate adjustments have been made, the sutures are removed. The option of post-operative adjustment has been proven particularly effective for high-risk groups (e.g. combined SUI and voiding dysfunction), severe SUI or patients in whom previous suburethal sling implantation has failed.

Tools of the trade

A.M.I. offers tunnellers with two different diameter sizes: 4 mm and 3 mm (Slimline). The A.M.I. tunnellers are made of high-grade materials, with ergonomically-designed handles to fit comfortably in the surgeon’s hand. The flattened, spatula-shaped, rounded tip design allows smooth tissue and good instrument control during penetration. All tunnellers feature a flattened tip for slightly wider dissection to better accommodate the sling’s shape. A.M.I. reusable tunnellers are available for all commonly used tunnelling techniques.

See the difference betweenthe 4 mm and the 3 mm (Slimline) tunnellers!

Product Brochure
Product Brochure Urogynaecology