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  • Eliminates the need for an additional trocar, thereby reducing costs and patient trauma
  • Combines disposable components with a high-grade, multi-use introducer
  • Gives the assisting surgeon a spare hand to help with other tasks

A hammock made especially for surgeons

Even without the EndoSAIL, the Suture Catcher is an extremely handy instrument. Not only can it be used to retrieve sutures from the abdominal cavity during other procedures, such as the laparoscopic IPOM, the Suture Catcher is also ideally suited for placing facsial sutures to close larger port-site incisions after any form of laparoscopic surgery.

With a diameter of just 1 mm, the EndoSAIL Suture Catcher is far less traumatic than other similar products. While the patient benefits from the extremely small size, the surgeon will appreciate the suture loop’s large opening and the ability to rotate the loop a full 360° from the outside. Both these features make catching suture material within the abdominal cavity a much easier task than ever before.

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EndoSAIL Suture Catcher

Single-use instrument with rotatable suture loop for retrieval of intraperitoneal sutures
10 instruments / box, delivered sterile

Material: Stainless steel
Length: max. 295 mm
Outer diameter: 1 mmLoop
Material: Monofilament polypropylene
Size: USP 0
Opening: approx. 25 – 50 mm
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