Project Description


  • 75% smaller access
  • Especially made for 3 mm instruments
  • Ideal for pediatric surgery
  • Fixed: no sliding in or out of the abdominal cavity

The FlexibleXS has a working length of 72 mm and is fixed with a flat silicon disk on the abdominal wall, thus the intra-peritoneal length of the trocar will stay secured. This way it is not needed to adjust and correct the trocar position. This is beneficial for the surgeon because it is guaranteeing maximum comfort, a smoother workflow and it also provides a clear view to operate.

Maximally minimal

  • Minimum wall thickness of the FlexibleXS
  • Minimum diameter of the trocar system
  • Minimum access (75% reduction compared to standard 5 mm trocars)
  • Minimum sliding of the trocar because of the fixation on the abdominal wall
  • Minimum insertion in the abdominal cavity through a fixed length adjustment

75% smaller access

The 3 mm instruments will go perfectly hand in hand with the FlexibleXS trocar system from A.M.I.. Typical 5 mm trocars have an outer diameter of approximately 8 mm, but the 3 mm FlexibleXS from A.M.I. has an outer diameter of only 4 mm. Halving the diameter means that the incision area will be reduced to a quarter – minus 75% 1

Order Code Product Technical Details



Disposable trocar to be used with the 3 mm EasyInstruments, e.g. ESI1310. The intraperitoneal length of the FlexibleXS is individually adjustable

Flexible material: polyolefin

Outer diamter: 4 mm

Inner diamter: 3 mm

Working length: 72 mm

Set of trocar and skin fixation system

10 sets / box, delivered sterile


Obturator FlexibleXS

Reusable stainless steel obturator for the placement of the FlexibleXS (FXS1011)

Diameter: 3.2 mm

Length: 140 mm

1 piece, delivered non-sterile,
steam autoclavable

Product Brochure

1 Hollinsky, 28. Okt. 2013, Laparoskopische Cholezystektomie – SILS vs. MILS