Laparoscopic mesh procedure


HyGYNious is a special preformed mesh for uterus-preserving procedures. The anterior mesh has an elongated form to fit around the cervix. The posterior mesh is placed between vagina and rectum. The mesh neck then will be fixed at level of sacral promontory to the longitudinal ligament.


Symptomatic POP with or without urinary incontinence:

  • Uterine prolapse
  • Cystocele
  • Rectocele


  • Applicable for the well-established procedure sacrohysteropexy
  • Restores normal support of vagina, suspends uterus back in its anatomical position
  • Reinforces weakened ligaments


  • HyGYNious mesh can be used in uterus preserving procedures for transabdominal pelvic floor repair
  • HyGYNious can successfully cure patients with pelvic organ prolapse

Unique – The A.M.I. HexaPro mesh

What makes the A.M.I. HexaPro mesh material unique:

  • Ultra-lightweight mesh material 21 g/m2
  • Hexagonal structure for isoelasticity
  • Wide-pore structure ≥ 1,9 mm
  • Macroporous
  • 93% Porosity
  • Extra-large interstitial micropores: 100-150 μm
  • Monofilament polypropylene

+ EasyInstruments

  • Instrument shafts of two different diameters (3 mm and 5 mm) and various lengths
  • Reusable shaft and handpiece with additional ratchet function or finger-operated HF-function possible
  • Various tips for cutting, grasping, dissecting and holding tissue are completely combinable

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