• i-Cut & More-Cell-Safe
  • Morcellator A.M.I.

Contained Laparoscopic Power Morcellation


i-Cut is a single-use laparoscopic morcellator for gynecological use with reliable high cutting performance. The i-Cut consists of a rotating cutting tube with a trocar that serves as protection against the cutting blade when locked in the “CLOSED” position. Usage with a standard grasper or tenaculum forceps of 10 mm – 14 mm diameter.


The i-Cut is indicated for morcellating and extracting tissue in laparoscopic, gynecologic surgical procedures.


  • A lightweight and easy handle power morcellator
  • Combined use with the A.M.I. More-Cell-Safe increases safety during morcellation
  • No injury or harm to the patient during intraoperative insertion of the device due to a multi-stage safety concept


User friendly:

  • Ergonomically shaped handpiece
  • Plug-and-play: easy setup and handling in the OR
  • Usability: Activation button at handpiece


  • Reliable high cutting performance due to constant power supply
  • Large cutting tube diameter
  • Extracting large tissue masses in LASH and myomectomy


  • Multi-stage safety concept to protect the blade: locking clip and a closed position to prevent unintentional exposure of the cutting blade
  • Double trocar sealing system prevents gas loss


  • Time and cost efficient one-step solution
  • Fast operating time
  • No preparation costs for sterilization, maintenance and service
  • Low operating costs

+ More-Cell-Safe

More-Cell-Safe is indicated for laparoscopic endoscopic tissue morcellation in Gynecology.

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