Project Description

Ergonomic & efficient morcellation

i-Cut is the user-friendly single-use morcellator with reliably high cutting performance. Ideal for extracting large tissue masses in LASH and myomectomy.

The i-Cut disposable morcellator combines the best of both worlds: All the advantages of a maintenance-free single-use solution plus consistently high cutting performance even during operations on large and calcified tissue.

Convenient. Powerful. Economical.

Advantages i-Cut


  • Ergonomically shaped handpiece
  • Lightweight
  • Plug-and-play: easy setup and handling in the OR


  • Precision ground blade
  • No battery, therefore constant high cutting performance
  • Large cutting tube diameter for the removal of large and hard tissue masses


  • Multi-stage safety concept to protect the blade – “no-cut position” and safety clip to prevent unintentional exposure of the cutting tube
  • Double trocar sealing system prevents gas loss


  • Time and cost efficient one-step solution
  • Fast operating
  • No preparation costs for sterilization, maintenance and service
  • Low operating costs (no cost of ownership)

More-Cell-Safe is the first solution available on the market that significantly reduces the risk of unexpected cancer cell scatter during laparoscopic morcellation.1 Optic and morcellator are introduced via two separate accesses. Small pieces of tissue, cell particles and fluids resulting from morcellation are isolated in a closed, cell-safe system. In addition, the special optics sleeve Visi-Shield reduces contamination of the optics. In combination with the powerful i-Cut, safety during surgery is further increased.

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1 Rimbach S. et al., 2015, A new in-bag system to reduce the risk of tissue morcellation, Arch Gynecol Obstet,