Long-term implant for the treatment of faecal incontinence in adults

  • All parts are implanted subcutaneously
  • The positioning of components is patient-specific
  • A quick glance shows if the sphincter is closed
  • The closing pressure is easily adjustable at any time

Faecal incontinence affects both women and men of all ages, and can dramatically impair their quality of life. This may lead to severe mental disorders, which then may result in isolation and depression. In addition, many of the sufferers are elderly people requiring home care, which is made all the more difficult by the incontinence.

The A.M.I. Soft Anal Band is a long-term implant for the treatment of faecal incontinence in adults. Subcutaneous implantation means no body cavities need be opened.

Order Code Product Technical Details

AAB 300


A.M.I. Soft Anal Band System

Consisting of:

  • A.M.I. Soft Anal Band Ring (cuff) in two different sizes M-L
  • A.M.I. Soft Anal Band Valve
  • A.M.I. Soft Anal Band Activator M-L
  • A.M.I. Safe Puncture Port Low Profile
  • A.M.I. Soft Anal Band Scale
  • A.M.I. Port Needle
  • Ring Connector
  • Port Connector
All units delivered sterile


A.M.I. Soft Anal Band Ring

After measuring the required cuff size, the
cuff is then placed inside the surgically created
circular pocket around the non-functioning
anal sphincter.

The adjustable, artificial sphincter (the cuff) encircles the non-functioning anal sphincter.


A.M.I. Soft Anal Band Valve

Small and stable with a rounded top. Once activated, liquid flows from the cuff back to the activator allowing the artificial sphincter to open.

The valve is activated by applying finger-pressure on the skin above the valve.


A.M.I. Soft Anal Band Activator

Strong and durable silicone balloon.
Applying pressure (with the palm) on the skin
above the activator causes liquid to flow into
the cuff. This closes the artificial sphincter,
leaving the patient continent.

The status of the artificial sphincter – OPEN or CLOSED – can be checked at any time. Protruding skin above the activator indicates an open sphincter. Flat skin indicates that the sphincter is closed.


A.M.I. Safe Puncture Port Low Profile

Used by surgeon for patient-specific adjustment of the liquid volume in the system.

Made of titanium
Protection sleeve prevents tube kinking.