Last weekend, the A.M.I. Agency for Medical Innovations GmbH was pleased to welcome again well-known gynecologists from the German, Austrian and Swiss region!

The meeting was led by Dr. Christian Fünfgeld, Head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics in the Clinic Tettnang, Germany. The highlights of the meeting included lectures, intensive, and sometimes controversial, discussions on a wide-range of topics in the field of urogynecology: various aspects of pelvic floor surgery with mesh implants as well as in-bag morcellation of uterine fibroids. There was additionally a hands-on user test so all experts could try out the improved i-Stitch loading unit.

 “An entirely successful event,” A.M.I. Managing Director Ralf Markstahler was pleased afterwards. “Unfortunately, due to the pandemic this kind of meeting has not been possible for the last two years. Therefore, when we were given the chance for us to meet again, we took the first possible opportunity. The touch-base and the exchange with experts, who give us a deeper insight to the market and are also prepared to have critical discussions, help us in the development of new products and subsequently in the strategic orientation of our company.”

Dr. Christian Fünfgeld, scientific director of the event, was also very satisfied with the results. “I have been accompanying the A.M.I. expert panel in the field of urogynecology for many years. For us as users, the exchange with partners from the medical industry is also very important. If only the feedback regarding the clinical application was heard more, we could better shape medicine in the future for our patients’ benefit.”

A.M.I. would like to once again thank all the experts who attended and we are looking forward to meeting again!