Project Description

A.M.I.® Multi Purpose Sling – Mid-urethral sling for treatment of female SUI

  • Soft, low elastic macroporous sling
  • Allows precise intra-operative adjustment
  • Stays flat below urethra under phases of stress
  • Thermally rounded sling edges

Sling benefits

  • Slings protective cover facilitates smoother and easier placement
  • Slings are made of firm macroporous biocompatible monofilament polypropylene mesh
  • Large-sized pores

Tools of the trade

The A.M.I. tunnellers are made of high-grade materials, with ergonomically-designed handles to fit comfortably in the surgeon’s hand. The flattened, spatula-shaped, rounded tip design allows smooth tissue and good instrument control during penetration. All tunnellers feature a flattened tip for slightly wider dissection to better accommodate the sling’s shape. A.M.I. reusable tunnellers are available for all commonly used tunnelling techniques.

See the difference between the 4 mm and the 3 mm (Slimline) tunnellers!

Product Brochure
Product Brochure Urogynaecology