• A.M.I. Slings

Retropubic or Transobturator


sensiTVT is a sub-urethral implant which enables tilting of the lateral sling arms, while the constricted space in the sling’s center lays constantly flat at the junction of the middle to the distal urethra. The sling implant is made of a polypropylene mesh, pull-in sutures and a detachable pull-in aid.


Surgical treatment of female SUI:

  • Resulting from urethral hypermobility
  • Resulting from intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD)


  • Unique design: no twisting of the sling center, it lays flat under mid-urethra
  • sensiTVT supports the urethra. The sling center is intended to be positioned at the junction of the middle to the distal urethra
  • Implantation via retropubic or transobturator approach possible

Benefits 1

  • Efficient improvement of incontinence in female SUI patients
  • The design of sensiTVT allows a rotation movement of the sling arms and a plane positioning of the sling below the urethra to avoid complications due to twisting of the sling

+ Accessories

  • A.M.I. TVA Tunneller
  • A.M.I. TOA Tunneller

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