Precise excision of anal fistulas

  • Controlled cutting
  • Minimizes tissue  trauma
  • Fast operating time

FiXcision: Convincingly simple

The FiXcision instrument enables the circumferential tissue removal to treat simple anal fistulas. This is done in just a few simple steps:

  • Probing of the fistula tract
  • Compression of the affected tissue by insertion of the guide
  • Tissue removal of the complete circumference of the fistula tract by cutting alongside the guide

A circular excision of the fistula epithelium is possible for simple anal fistulas with a length up to 5 cm. The FiXcision instrument is provided as a complete, sterile instrument set, which consists of the following:

  1. Guide
  2. Circular blade
  3. Probe
  4. Base plate

1. Insert the guide with the probe through the anal fistula.

3. Circular excision of the fistula epithelium by rotating and pushing the ciruclar blade forward.

2. Disconnect probe from guide. Connect the base plate with the inserted guide.

4. Remove the base plate, and pull out the guide and circular blade from the anal fistula.

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Instrument set for circular excision
of anal fistulas

Set consists of:

  • Circular blade
  • Guide
  • Probe
  • Base plate

10 sets / box, delivered sterile