A.M.I. for patients

Are you seriously overweight? Do you suffer from haemorrhoids or incontinence? A.M.I. offers surgical treatment options for many of today’s most common afflictions.

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A.M.I. for doctors

Are you a healthcare professional interested in innovative new treatment methods? A.M.I. has a range of inspired solutions for many different medical specialties.

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About A.M.I.!

A.M.I. – Agency for Medical Innovations – is an Austrian manufacturer of medical technology based near the shores of Lake Constance, within easy reach of both Germany and Switzerland. From here we develop, manufacture and distribute our medical products throughout the world. All of them are made according to the highest quality standards, and enable doctors to take even better care of their patients.

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News from A.M.I.

First Meta-Analysis on ATOMS!

First Meta-Analysis on ATOMS! Effectiveness of Adjustable Transobturator Male System (ATOMS) to [...]

ATOMS Workshop in Chile

On November 16th, the first ATOMS Workshop in Chile took place with [...]

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What doctors say

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