Last week, A.M.I. subsidiary, A.M.I. Nordic organised and hosted two successful TRILOGY Workshops in two different hospitals in Norway. One workshop took place in Kongsvinger sykehus hospital and the other in Sykehuset Ostfold Moss hospital.  Approximately 20-25 surgeons in total attended the workshops.

DDr. Walther Tabarelli from Lichtenstein, experienced HAL-RAR user, supported the workshops by presenting his experience, tips and tricks for treating haemorrhoids with the HAL-RAR method using A.M.I.’s TRILOGY System. He also trained the attending surgeons in a live-OR setting where the surgeons could receive a hands-on training.

Congratulations to the A.M.I. Nordic team on organising and conducting the workshops successfully and we also would like to thank DDr. Tabarelli for his support!

If you would like to learn more about treating haemorrhoids with TRILOGY, please visit our product page.