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  • Locate. Ligate. Lift.
  • All with no cables.
  • The new wireless way to treat haemorrhoids.
  • The third generation of HAL-RAR equipment combines all the advantages of these procedures with the world’s first wireless technology for Doppler-guided treatment of haemorrhoids.

Locate. Ligate. Lift.

  • Comfort and convenience for the patient
  • Comfort and convenience for the surgeon


The new wireless way to treat haemorrhoids.

The new generation TRILOGY combines all the advantages of the HAL-RAR procedures with the flexibility of wireless technology.

For patients, HAL-RAR offers a safe and gentle alternative to conventional treatment methods that provides effective relief from all the symptoms of haemorrhoids, even in the more advanced stages. Artery ligation and mucopexy of prolapsing mucosa can be carried out in one procedure under local anaesthetic, depending on the individual patient and the prevailing healthcare system.

For surgeons, TRILOGY gives you the benefit of Doppler-ultrasound technology with no strings attached. Literally. With a Bluetooth connection between the unit and speaker, you can hear the system’s signals for precise, customised detection of haemorrhoidal arteries while enjoying absolute freedom to manoeuvre the unit and attached probe as required. In addition, the absence of a cable – which acts as an antenna for surrounding electromagnetic radiation – means the equipment is less sensitive to interference and the arteries can be heard more clearly than ever before. C-TRILOGY Unit-new battery cap

Since the introduction of these minimally-invasive methods, over 100,000 patients have been treated with them worldwide. The operation can be tailored to suit each individual patient and achieves excellent results in terms of effectiveness, patient-friendliness and safety, which are reflected in the consistently high rates of patient satisfaction shown in the literature.

Considering the large number of procedures, the safety record to date is quite remarkable with not one major complication reported as having been caused by HAL-RAR.


  • Treatment with HAL of the three main symptoms – bleeding, itching and pain

  • Treatment of the prolapse with RAR


  • Minimal pain
  • No cutting and no open wounds
  • Quick recovery and return to work
  • Local anaesthesia sufficient in many cases


  • Fewer intra-operative complications
  • Fewer post-operative complications
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C-TRILOGY battery cap-2

TRILOGY Unit (Wi-3 HAL-RAR Unit)

System for performing HAL-RAR procedures with integrated Bluetooth technology.

Set consists of:

Doppler-ultrasound electronic unit with integrated Bluetooth transmitter

TRI2020                Wi-3 Battery Cap

TRI2030                Wi-3 Fixation Nut

TRI2040                Wi-3 Battery Set

– High-performance LEDs for excellent           visibility
– New Doppler-ultrasound technology for     quick, precise artery detection
– New Bluetooth technology for cable-free
surgeryMulti-use (50 applications)
Delivered non-sterile, steam autoclavable
Batteries: 2 units, AA NiMH, 2100 mAh


TRILOGY Wi-3 Speaker

Bluetooth loudspeaker for optimal acoustic replay of signals from the TRILOGY Unit (TRI2010) during HAL-RAR procedures.

1 speaker with power cable



USB adapter for connecting the speaker.


1 unit


Connector (Europe)

Replaceable connector for connection to Adapter.

1 unit,
TRI2220 Connector (Europe)
TRI2230 Connector (UK)
TRI2240 Connector (Korea)
TRI2250 Connector (Australia)
TRI2260 Connector (IEC)
TRI2270 Connector (USA)
TRI2280 Connector (Argentina)
TRI2290 Connector (China)


RAR Flexi Probe

Disposable probe and sleeve set for performing HAL and RAR procedures.
Probe with asymmetric design for the gradual release of mucosa.

5 sets / box
Delivered sterile



Reusable holder to enhance holding position for the assistance during surgery.

1 unit,
Delivered non-sterile, steam autoclavable

AHN 006

A.M.I. HAL Needleholder

Stainless steel needleholder designed specially to fit the ligation groove inside the probes.

1 instrument
Delivered non-sterile, steam autoclavable

AHK 007

A.M.I. HAL Knotpusher

Stainless steel knotpusher to facilitate knot tying inside the probes.

1 instrument
Delivered non-sterile, steam autoclavable


A.M.I. HAL Suture

Suture material for HAL and RAR procedures.

36 sutures / box
5/8 circle needle
Synthetic, absorbable, 2/0
75 cm long
Delivered sterile


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