A.M.I. Agency for Medical Innovations introduces to its urogynecology portfolio the new single-use morcellator i-Cut, which offers many advantages.

The ergonomic single-use morcellator i-Cut is user-friendly, powerful and comfortable. With reliably high cutting performance, i-Cut is ideal for extracting large tissue masses in LASH and myomectomy. A multi-stage safety concept to protect the blade and safety clip prevents unintentional exposure of the cutting tube. As a plug-and-play solution, the i-Cut is lightweight and is ready for immediate use in the operating theatre.

i-Cut and More-Cell-Safe: a genius symbiosis

To significantly minimize the risk of scattering cancer cells during laparoscopic morcellation, A.M.I. introduced More-Cell-Safe in 2015. The optic and power morcellator are inserted in two different accesses in the abdomen. The optic is protected by a special sleeve, Visi-Shield, to reduce contamination. During morcellation, the fluid and small tissue particles remain safely in the closed, cell-tight system – More-Cell-Safe. In combination with the high-performance i-Cut, this further increases safety in power morcellation. 1

1 https://doi.org/10.1007/s00404-015-3788-9