A big congratulations to three surgeons from Germany for successfully completing the A.M.I. course “Advanced Surgery in Reconstructive Pelvic Floor Repair including A.M.I. Implants.”

  • Dr. Hicham Osman, head senior surgeon from the gynaecology department in the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Lörrach.

  • Dr. Theodor Jovchevski, senior surgeon from the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic, Ludwigsburg.

  • Dr. Christian Müller, specialist in gynaecology in own private practice for obestrics in Westerland/Sylt AND Dr. Müller holds the FIRST A.M.I. TVM certificate in the most northern point of Germany!

It is a great privilege to work together with specialists and provide them with education and specialized trainings so they can continue to give top treatment to their patients who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse!

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