Why have an implant? Why should it be adjustable?

ATOMS is a long-term adjustable implant and is suitable for all grades of incontinence apart from total urinary incontinence. Unlike most other systems currently available, ATOMS can be adjusted without further surgery and needs no manual operation of mechanical parts (e.g. pumps) by the patient. Once the system has been adjusted by your doctor to suit your individual level of activity, all you need to do is let ATOMS do its job!

How is ATOMS adjusted?

The ATOMS system can then be adjusted to suit the patient’s individual requirements by means of the port, which was implanted in the scrotum. The doctor injects the port with fluid, which then travels through the catheter to fill the cushion lying under the urethra. As the cushion fills, the pressure on the urethra softly increases. In future, this correctly-adjusted pressure will allow the patient to better hold the urine. It is likely that several adjustments will be required to find the ideal filling volume for each patient.

What advantages does ATOMS offer?

The main advantages of the system are the adjustability and firm attachment by means of the mesh arms. No reoperation is necessary for adjustments, and the secure fixation ensures the system will not dislocate. It remains in place for maximum effect. Another advantage is that the implant contains no mechanical components – it is not required to operate or activate any part to make the system work or to urinate. The system is designed for a life-long adjustment, which can be done by the doctor very easily.