To allow a bowel movement

  • Feel for the valve under the skin, then gently press down on the valve with one finger to unlock it from the closed position. Opening the valve causes the fluid to move out of the band into the activator’s reservoir, and the activator will start to rise. Keep the valve pressed down for at least 30 seconds to empty the band completely of fluid. Once empty, the band puts no pressure on the anal canal and stool can pass through freely.
  • Following the bowel movement, press down gently with your palm on the activator protruding under the skin to return it to its flat position. The fluid flows back into the band, and the band closes gently again around the anal canal. The activator can only be considered closed when it is protruding less and is visibly flatter than in the open position. It is important to see and feel this difference! In case of doubt, simply push the activator a second time to ensure that it is securely closed.

Flat activator: System is closed
Protruding activator: System is open, bowel movement is possible

Improved Control of Bowel Movements

Designed to mimic the natural function of the anal sphincter muscle, our prosthesis helps patients improve control of their bowel movements. However, the surgical procedure to implant the A.M.I. Soft Anal Band System is just one aspect of managing faecal incontinence. Eating habits, physical activity and each patient’s individual attitude can all contribute significantly to the success of the implantation. For most people, physical exercise combined with a sufficient intake of fluids is a highly effective way of regulating bowel activity.

For those patients suffering from incontinence as a result of an accident, specially-targeted exercise therapy has a positive effect not only on motoric movements, but also on patients’ awareness of their body. This is particularly relevant when considering that patients are required to learn afresh the automatic process of emptying their bowel, and must consciously undertake to do so. Last but not least, a good amount of patience is also helpful when learning to handle the situation and the system itself.